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Deggi5  |  Regional Urban Exploring  |  New England  |  Splorin get together A.K.A. forum meet and greet. - February 20 2004
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Author Topic: Splorin get together A.K.A. forum meet and greet. - February 20 2004  (Read 662 times)
Mike Dijital
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    « on: March 03, 2020, 09:12:14 PM »

    The abandonspaces forum. Its been a hassle and a blessing. Yeah its
    a hassle debugging it and keeping it clean. I've been dealing with a
    disgruntled poster who does'nt get that the donations thread was just
    an announcement and not a topic, so when I deleted the convo that
    started in it so it could be locked and remain an announcement, he
    took it personally ( like I deleted it because of him or something )
    and has taken to slandering me on AvX's.UER forum. But at the
    same time the forum has been a blessing to this area ( New England
    and Mass especially ) because its a good place for great
    explorations to start. I met alot of wonderful people VIA the forum.
    My last great Trip/meeting was with @Woot Woot , @matt trakker ,
    @itneversnowsinct , and @Starman , Also add @Salt  and @erin
    to the mix.

    Enter Danvers State Hospital. This was the
    first time in a long time that I just went through the place
    up and down. I believe that it was the group of explorers
    I was with, When you explore with the right people, it
    brings out the best in you. Like when I explore with
    DSIA. I first noticed that these four people had started
    an UrbEx group via meeting through the forum , So I
    decided to give this nights meeting better back round
    than William and Roberts place. Plus I think everyone
    should see Danvers State at least once before it goes
    bye bye. We even ran through the subtunnels. As usual I
    forgot my breather. Its times like this that make all the
    work abandonspaces the website/forum end of it , worth
    every minute of trouble.

    So the next time your bored and have nothing to do . Post
    something on the forum , you never know what may come of it.
    hell I just met 4 really cool explorers and friends.

    * forumnews1.jpg (59.85 kB, 640x480 - viewed 56 times.)

    * forumnews2.jpg (60.56 kB, 640x480 - viewed 55 times.)

    * forumnews3.jpg (59.83 kB, 640x480 - viewed 52 times.)
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