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Deggi5  |  Regional Urban Exploring  |  New England  |  Hitting the hill, Spur of the moment - November 1 2003
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Author Topic: Hitting the hill, Spur of the moment - November 1 2003  (Read 639 times)
Mike Dijital
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    « on: March 03, 2020, 09:36:42 PM »

    So I partied to hard in salem on halloween night, So you know
    saturday morning I was quite hung over Most of my saturday was
    spent sleeping, So when I finally woke up ( for good ) it was about 9
    ish ( NINE!!! ) . Thank god for UrbExers that will explore at the
    drop of a hat. I called a new Abandonspaces operative Syphon Filter
    as well Sheryl and Tia from After a quick breifing
    on what to expect, we head to our location. Seeing as I was with all
    newbies to this location, I decided to prescout the location. This was
    my first time roaming the halls by myself. I thought it would be nerve
    racking, but insteed it was soothing. I felt as one with a place ive
    grown to love. Once the location was secure it was time to travel.
    Bringing newbies has its fun and drawbacks. Newbies are fun to
    watch as they discover things,

    But newbies also like to stop and look at every little thing in site. I can't blame them
    really , this place is amazing. This was Tia's second
    UE adventure and her first at a location the size of
    this. She handled herself like a pro,
    were wonderful travel companions, and quite handy
    with a flashlight.well aside from the severe case of
    cankickola. watch those feet Sher.. Syphon filter also
    proved what brass he's made of and will make a
    wonderful addition to the abandonspaces family. Plus
    he had better camo than me. It was a typical walk
    through. One weird thing I will say , is it gets
    REALLY cold in certain area's. Im not a ghost hunter
    at all, But you can really feel a calm, sad vibe here. A
    trip the the file room yeilded some great reading
    dating back to 1917. 

    All in all it was a great trip and a fun time. For me the lone walk
    through is something ill take with me forever and has become my
    favorite UE moment.

    * spsherdsh.jpg (48.36 kB, 750x563 - viewed 69 times.)

    * syphonfilterdsh.jpg (62.03 kB, 640x480 - viewed 44 times.)

    * tiadsh.JPG (63.16 kB, 640x480 - viewed 45 times.)
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