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Deggi5  |  Regional Urban Exploring  |  New England  |  " Water " you doing here? - November 28 2003
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Author Topic: " Water " you doing here? - November 28 2003  (Read 655 times)
Mike Dijital
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    « on: March 03, 2020, 09:41:02 PM »

    My eyes open, and its 12:30 am already. YIKES. I start running
    around the house half asleep throwing my gear together. My quick
    20 minute naps always turn into 2 hour sleepfests. Phone Rings and
    Its the InsaneBunkers ready to do some exploring. Just my luck its
    pouring out, but yet oddly warm. We arrive at my favorite haunt after
    I prove to Skully that I don't know my left from my right on the ride
    over.We hoof it up the never ending hill and like clock work, that
    must smell hits me. Tonight I really did'nt mind the rain, It was kinda
    nice. The wind was whipping . You could'nt really ask mother nature
    for a spookier set up. I wanted to make sure the Bunkers got to see
    everything, I owe them big time for the RI Maraton of exploring we
    did. Don't think I forgot about the Fiberglass mill. That place rocked.
    So we started in the Mary Hobbs room and worked from there.

       One word that says it all about the structural stability here " Junka ! "
       What do you think he's looking at?

    The inside of the building was extremely cold. You
    would go outside and its 60, then go inside and its 35.
    It was quite a noticable difference. After a tour of the
    caveins, I do love caveins, we headed west to the J
    ward. Those floors are deffinately classified as
    " Junka ". The H ward is horrible. Let me say this, the
    wards the redevelopers want to keep in this place are
    the worst wards in here. The ones they want to tear
    down are so sturdy its mind boggling that they want to
    tear them down. So through the first level and then
    back the other way Via the 3rd level. At one point in
    the basement, The way the water was dripping on
    pipes, it sounded like 4 or 5 people walking and
    talking. It really played with your mind. You knew it
    was'nt really people, but it sounded so real

    Very fun time. Splorin with the bunkers is always a good time.
    Now I think I need sleep. I really need to jump back into that nap
    I woke myself out of. Goodnight world

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