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Deggi5  |  Regional Urban Exploring  |  New England  |  Asbestos is good with mustard - October 19 2003
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Author Topic: Asbestos is good with mustard - October 19 2003  (Read 639 times)
Mike Dijital
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    « on: March 03, 2020, 09:43:50 PM »

    I wake up before the alarm, Ophelia is still sleeping, I check Stoots
    room. The door is shut, hes in dreamland too. I get online. No one is
    on. We got a major adventure  and nothing set in stone about our
    plan. Finally the doc, 420, and Adam from ratfinks sign on almost at
    the same time. Could this be, for the first time ever all the
    abandonSpaces operatives are going to be avalible!. I get on the
    phone to call Nine, and all I get is his voice mail " You've reached the
    phone, leave a message " ( Nine buddy you need to spruce up that
    voicemail. ) so at the stroke of 12:30 we jump in our cars and head
    for our location for the day.As we're driving down we get a call from
    the rat finks telling us our trusty way in has been VERY sealed.
    Dammit I say. So we ring up Nine who at this point has gotten home
    from his Saturday night bender and is on the road

    " What should we do?" I say  " look for another way
    in" Nine says . Good idea, hehehe. So the
    AbandonSpaces crew make it to the sealed off
    entrance. 420, doc, and the finks play McGiver, and
    20 minutes later we're in. Try as they might, they can't
    stop determined explorers. We twist through the
    tunnels making our first stop in the cafe..Aromatic
    smells envelope our time for a while, till I say " where
    the hell is Nine and Ross ?" Stoot makes a phone call,
    they're on their way. Cool so we wait, and wander
    and wait. I say "where the heck is nine? " I take the
    phone, " your in Attleboro ? " yes Nine has gotten
    lost. But rest assured he is on his way. So we head
    for the roof to hang out a bit. More time passes, I say
    "where is Nine?"

    Stoot says " he's parking now and should be here soon" ok , so we
    head for the file room to kill some time, then back to the roof. I say
    " where is friggen Nine ? " So I call him, " your lost in the wood
    and near that landmark " ... I see the landmark he is talking about
    from the roof. Nine is a half an hour lost in the wrong direction. I'm
    starting to feel bad, Nine and Ross drove 2 hours to get here. So at
    this point Stoot , doc, and 420 decide to leave. So me, Em and the
    finks wait............ Finally, nine is at the meeting spot, and no shy of
    5 hours late, but he made it, with a grin even. So its back to the
    main building for some heavy recon. After about a 1/2 hour the
    finks give into hunger and decide to leave. So Nine, Ross , Ophelia
    and myself head outside for some air. Ring, Nine picks up his
    phone, Its the finks " there are cops all over our exit.... " we head
    to the roof and see them and their DOGS... Time to leave... and
    quick. I don't know what got the cops there but like pro's we
    ditched that situation and headed back to the cars.  Just another
    messed up adventure, but like all messed up adventures we left
    in good spirits with many stories to tell

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